Sonshine Christian Camp

Are you ready for Church Camp? Check the schedule below for your week of camp. Click below to go to the camp website and to get the registration form.

June 3-7 - High School Week (9th-12th)

Deans: Kelly Carmichael and Tyler Ham

Cost: $120

June 10-14 - Elementary (3rd-4th grade)

Deans: Hope Spencer

Cost: $120

June 15 - First Chance Day Camp (1st-2nd grade)

Dean: Tyler Ham

Cost $25

June 17- 21 - Middlers (5th-6th)

Dean: John Lancaster and Aaron Warnick

Cost: $120

June 24-28- Junior High Week (7th-8th grade)

Deans: Keith Tafflinger

Cost: $120