Re-opening  guidelines


We are now meeting in person for worship with two services on Sunday morning at 9am and 10:45am..

We believe that gathering for worship is an important part of our faith, but we want to be wise and protect the vulnerable as well. As a result, if you fall into a high-risk category for this virus, you may want you to continue worshipping from home for the time being. Also, if you are sick or have been around someone with Covid-19, please do not attend. We want our time together to be a blessing and not a detriment.

Below are the guidelines we have put in place to make our meetings as safe as possible. 

  1. Gatherings - We are planning to meet for Sunday morning worship only at this time. We will not have Sunday school, Junior Church, or Nursery. Please have your children sit with you and we would ask that they aren’t up during the service alone. Please do not let them walk around the building unaccompanied. Social Distancing - We will space people out, block off pews, and keep our capacity to around 50% (or less). We ask that you only sit with members of your own family. The services are scheduled to accommodate people arriving/leaving and cleaning. We ask that you do not congregate after the service in the parking lot, foyer, or anywhere on our campus. We will dismiss sections one at a time. 
  2. Communion/Baptism - We will have communion as usual, but the emblems will be prepackaged and in the pews when you arrive. Please take the Lord’s Supper when prompted in the service and carry the package out with you. Waste cans will be available. Baptisms will be discussed and handled on an individual basis as they arise. Please let bro Kelly know if you want to be baptized.
  3. Offering - We will have a location in the foyer for you to give or you can continue to give online. We will not pass the offering plate.
  4. Sanitation - We will have a team of people to help us keep the building sanitized in real-time. We will wipe surfaces, keep bathrooms clean, and do what we can to keep things from becoming contaminated. 
  5. Greeters - Our greeters will remain distanced from you. We will open the doors prior to and following services to avoid several touches. If the weather doesn’t permit, we will designate someone to take care of the door. Please do not shake hands or hug people. We won’t hand out any publications (bulletin, etc) at this time. 
  6. Other Gatherings - Our campus will remain closed to parties and groups unless they are approved and fall within our current guidelines. Small groups, meetings, and other gatherings must abide by health standards and have approval before getting together.
  7. Events - All church-related events have to be approved at this point.
  8. Flexibility - Please understand that we may have to modify things as we move forward; times could change, guidelines could change, etc. We are in uncharted waters and so there’s still a lot of uncertainty at this point.